Memu vs Nox - is Memu better than Nox?

memu vs nox

Memu vs Nox, which one should you choose? is Memu better than Nox? or something? find out here!

Memu and Nox are Android emulators that are very widely used by many people. These two emulators have been loyal to accompanying their users from time to time and will certainly have some changes in terms of User Interfaces and User Experiences. I will give some differences between Memu vs Nox.

Which one should you choose between Memu 8.0 vs Nox 7.0 2022?

Here I will share my experience of using Memu version 8.0.2 and Nox version 7.0.3 the latest release in 2022 not comparing but just sharing my experience using the two emulators and being your reference, for look carefully:

Game Launcher Nox vs Memu:

Game launcher is useful if at any time you want to open an Android application that has been installed on your Android emulator, without having to open the agency first.

  • Nox player has a game launcher that shows what games have been installed before, you will be facilitated to immediately run your application or game
nox launcher

  • Memu does not have this, so it will look very plain and you have to open the emulator first to find out the contents of the game that has been installed

memu launcher

Android 9 Pie Comparison between Memu vs Nox:

Between Memu vs Nox on Android 9 Pie I can't do a full test because of some problems I'm experiencing, you can use Android 9 by creating a new instance on the Android emulator you're using.

See more:

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  • On NOX android 9 can install easily without any bugs
nox android 9

  • MEmu has a bug of not being able to install Android 9 (I have done various ways), when the installation has been completed, the status "Download success" is visible, but when it is run it cannot be done it will always be "Power off"

memu android 9 bug install

Toolbar Features:

Between these two emulators, the basic difference is only in the icon, but that's okay I share it with you.

  • Both emulators have similarities and the same toolbar functions, but on Nox, you can create application shortcuts while Memu cannot
nox left & memu right

  • Nox will display toolbar information if you put the cursor on the toolbar, while MEmu cannot. This is at least useful for beginners trying to use the emulator

Screen Recorders:

I can't do screen recording on these two applications on Nox, because it's constrained by a bug that can't play screen recordings.

  • MEmu can record screen with a slight FPS drop in the range of 1-3FPS and can be rotated

memu recorders

  • NOX for some reason from the beginning I can't play the video I have recorded, could it be a bug?

nox recorders

MEmu vs Nox Performance and Stability:

In terms of Memu vs Nox performance, both have very good and stable performance when playing games. And here are some of the experiences I felt when using the two games. For example, here I use Mobile Legends.
  • Movement when moving the hero, Memu is very comfortable and feels softer. But somehow it feels a bit heavy, while the Nox feels lighter. But it feels like it's broken.

  • For both emulators already able to have good performance, I tested the Mobile Legends game with ultra settings on both NOX 60-68FPS & MEmu 58-61FPS

So that's a little bit of my experience between Memu vs Nox, so which one will you choose? want me to compare other Android emulators? write your opinion below! Do I also need to write my review of Nox vs Memu? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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My device specifications:

Here are the specifications of the device I am using

Laptop specification
 CPU & RAM Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz (4CPU12GB 
 Graphics cards 1 NVIDIA GeForce 930MX 
 Graphics cards 2   Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

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