Skyforce Black Logo PNG HD

Ijunk30.com - Skyforce The game received a near perfect rating by IGN who gave it a score of 9.5 out of 10. Sky Force Reloaded features a total of 13 Stages, including 3 bonus Stages. Each Stage has 4 modes, from Normal -> Hard -> Insane to finally Nightmare. Nightmare can only be played once you beat Stage 13. Each Stage - and each difficulty mode - has 4 medals each, making a total of 16 medals you can earn from them.

This game is very nostalgic for its time, the era when Nokia was still the master of the market and Symbian was their flagship operating system. Here you get the logo that I re-traced using Adobe Photoshop:

Image Size:
Width: 1080 Pixels
Height: 1080 Pixels
Tools: Photoshop
Skyforce Black Logo PNG HD  1080 x 1080PX


You can see the result if it has been used:

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