RX-78 Gundam Line Art PNG

RX-78 Line Art

RX 78 SD Gundam is one of my favorite Gundams, although I don't have one for now. In this article, I will provide the work that I created a few months ago in the RX-78 SD Gundam Line Art PNG file format that you can download for free.

RX 78 SD Gundam Line Art PNG

The RX-78 Gundam Line Art that I made is of high quality and shatter-resistant when used in the design aspect and mockup, I made this on Adobe Illustrator.

License RX 78 SD Gundam Line Art


Free for Use use it in any need you want, both Commercial and Personal needs. Please use it wisely with all existing conditions. Thank you

Download PNG Files

File Type: .PNG
Dimensions: 10718 x 10417
Tools: Adobe Illustrator
Duration: +6 Hours


What should I make again? Comment below! #ijunk30