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subaru oozora wallpaper

Subaru Oozora is a girl with an extroverted and tomboyish nature. With confidence, hardworking, and always optimistic, even in difficult situations. Starting from his childhood story when he was 14 years old, with a dark past and some things that made him end up desperately joining Hololive. This Subaru Oozora wallpaper that I created, will make you more in touch with him.

Subaru Oozora Wallpaper

Short profile Oozora Subaru Vtuber

"'Sup! I'm Oozora Subaru of the 2nd Generation hololive!"

Oozora Subaru (大空スバル) is a Japanese female Virtual YouTuber associated with Hololive, debuting as part of the second generation of VTuber Hololive.

He has a slightly goofy habit, he often says "shuba shuba shuba" to express his joy or satisfaction.

A girl who is smart, cheerful, and full of enthusiasm with her interactions that can be with anyone and everyone is no exception without hesitation. For now, he was working hard on his own pro-gamer skills. He is also the manager of the MMA team and e-sports club to give everything he has as a mana

Source: Oozora Subaru | Virtual Youtuber Wiki

Background Subaru Oozora

His Twitter account opened on 10 August 2018 while his YouTube channel was created on 22 August although he did not start his activities on his channel until his introduction stream which was broadcast live on 17 September. Subaru Oozora Wallpaper

On August 18, following the "hololive Summer 2022" event, Subaru debuted his 3D yukata on a Japanese channel hololive stream alongside Himemori Luna, Tokoyami, Towa, and TsunoWatamuatame. Like other 3D costumes, the yukata has a variety of styles that hololive members can choose from. Yukatas come in a variety of colors and patterns including fireworks, flowers, and goldfish.

Incidentally, I made an artwork about the Subaru Oozora Wallpaper which I made a few weeks ago using Adobe Photoshop, you can get a high-quality file by downloading it at the link below.

Subaru Oozora Phone Wallpaper

You can download Subaru Oozora Wallpaper at the link below:
Dimensions: 1892 x 4096PX
Fitted on: iPhone XS, Redmi 9
Credit: ijunk30
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