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  super sus logo png

Super Sus is a game that is hotly played by many people this year, and by chance, I have cut out the Super Sus PNG logo that you can use for many things.

Super Sus Logo

Super Sus is a game titled Guessing and Team Cohesive Strategy, maybe this is the latest version of the Among US series that we have known before. This game, but with a different concept and some unique characters, is fun with a different feel to playing.

You can act as an impostor, space crew, doctor, hacker, ghoul, and so on. Where each role has different skills of course. As with the ghoul role, you can prey on the corpses of the space crew lying on the floor, and if you eat 2 corpses, you will be declared the winner of the game.

Super Sus Logo PNG

Super Sus Logo PNG HD is a logo from a Super Sus game that I have copied using Adobe Photoshop, I made it in plain white color with no background and high quality. Therefore you can make it as branding, or put the image in several thumbnails and as you like.

Traced very neatly, also very carefully. Manually with the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, so that if you zoom in high multiples, the image is guaranteed not to break. Unless you put it on an image that has a high resolution, I think the logo image will look more blurry.

Super Sus Logo Transparent Image Size:

With a size of 2160x2160 pixels and affixed with a resolution of 300 pixels, the Super Sus logo in PNG logo format also makes the logo that I reproduced of high quality and is shatter-resistant when used in the design aspect and mockup.
Width: 2160 pixels
Height: 2160 pixels
Tools: Photoshop
Credit: ijunk30
Source: Super Sus game

Example of a logo applied to a shirt mockup
The shirt mockup I used looks very neat, and the edges of the image are not blurry like some of the logos you will find. So, and not necessary if applied to a large enough canvas.

super sus t-shirt

Super Sus Logo Download

You can download it without background, and transparent by clicking the link below
Leave your comments if you find them helpful, frankly, I will be happy with it >3